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As the former capital of Paragua (Palawan), Taytay is steeped in history. From the Tagbanua inhabitants of Taytay, to the pre-Hispanic Muslim Kingdom, Spanish colonization, followed by the American rule, and towards the Japanese occupation and the liberation during the second World War, our town’s role in shaping Palawan’s future is a testament to the enduring and nurturing quality of Taytayanos. 


We warmly welcome you to our municipality, the first capital of Palawan!

Experience Taytay’s rustic beauty and marvel at one of the country’s oldest and only island fortress – Fuerza Santa Isabel de la Paragua. 

Explore the province’s largest fresh-water lake – Lake Manguao – an Important Bird Area and home to one of the biggest populations of Philippine Duck in the country. It also hosts majority of Palawan’s endemic wildlife species, including three Lake Manguao-endemic fishes. 

Visit Malampaya sound, and be awed with an extraordinary glimpse of Irrawaddy dolphins, one of the rarest mammal in the world.  Set foot on our islands in the Sulu Sea and dive in to see what our underwater world has to offer.

Soak yourself in the sea, sun, sand, and scenic vistas and be acquainted with the local hospitality that is uniquely Taytay.

Dayon Camo!


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During the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, Taytay was formally founded in 1623 and became the seat of Gobernor Alcaldia Mayor of Calamianes in 1851, and later the capital of the Gobierno Politico-Militar de Paragua in 1858...

– Taytay Palawan, History

Before the Spanish colonization, Taytay was inhabited by indigenous Tagbanua people and Muslim settlers from the Sultanate of Jolo.

– Taytay Palawan, History

The historic Taytay Fort, the Fuerza Santa Isabel de la Paragua, was built in 1667 under the Augustinian Recollect Fathers and named in honor of St. Isabel, mother of St. John the Baptist, the patron saint of the ruling Spanish Royal family at that time.

– Taytay Palawan, History

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