Safety, Security and COVID-19

Peace and Order
Taytay has a Police force that is patrolling the town 24/7 and are reachable through the emergency contact numbers provided here. Crime rate for Taytay is also generally low and comparatively more peaceful than other touristy and more populated town centers in Palawan.

Hospitals/Clinics/Medical Emergencies
The northern Palawan Provincial Hospital is one of the more advanced health care facilities in Northern Palawan. It has 24 hours emergency service and physicians on duty. Aside from the ambulance services of the hospital, there is also the local Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office which offers 24/7 emergency medical response unit that is ready to address cases of medical/accident situation requiring immediate transportation. The municipality’s Rural Health Unit (RHU) caters to regular medical check up and minor emergency cases while several clinics and drugstores are also present in the municipality to cater to outpatient concerns.

COVID-19 and Dengue Fever Concerns

If you suspect that you or your loved ones have COVID-19, or have been exposed to a COVID-19 positive individual, please contact the Municipal Health Office or Northern Palawan Provincial Hospital for immediate assistance. As recent as February 2023, there has been an increasing record of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever in Palawan, including Taytay, please protect yourself from mosquito bites as this is the mode of transmission for Dengue fever.

Important Contact Numbers

Taytay Municipal Police Station:
+63 998 598 5874

Taytay Rescue 165:
+63 917 682 2234

Northern Palawan Provincial Hospital:
+63 916 885 5025

Taytay Municipal Health Office:
+63 917 555 6300

Taytay Fire Department Hotline:
+63 905 140 0800 | +63 950 255 4346

Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office:
Travel Concerns: +63917 501 0710| Emergency: +63917 770 7578

Philippine Coast Guard Taytay Substation:
+63 966 964 2249

Philippine Marines 3rd MC
+63 975 502 3349

Regional Mobile Force Battalion
+63 927 978 7023 | +63 907 232 9909

Taytay Tourism Office
+63 930 241 8588

Taytay LGU Hotline Number
+63 917 899 9980 
then dial your desired extension or follow the recorded instruction